Sagnik Chattopadhyaya



September 2019 – Present

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South Eastern Railway, Kolkata — Summer Intern

June 2019 – August 2019

Worked as a Technical Intern in South Eastern division of Indian Railway. And made a project on Creation of Correspondence Management System for office purpose. This project is primarily aimed to create a correspondence management system of the I.T Console, South Eastern Railway Headquarters. The implementation of this is done by using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Javascript FrameWork. The program is made as dynamic as possible, to simplify the usage and making it more reliable and efficient.
● This project can be used to register incoming letters and outgoing letters alongwith the steps taken by various officials on the basis of each letters.
● The letter sheet is displayed in form of a table which is editable and printable.
● We can also export it to an Excel sheet.
● All the information in the table can be updated when it is required.
● The code is flexible, it allows the administrator to make changes easily when there are changes in the form of joining or retirement of employees or addition/deletion of some new job post.
● We can only add new letters from current dates only, letters of previous/forthcoming day cannot be added thus keeping register a trustable system.
● Once a letter is added, it will show when a particular employee sees the letter and in case if he adds some order to the other authorities then it is also displayed in the form of comments.

Here's what my Github says

  1. QR-Code-Generator (Using Python and Tkinter GUI)

  2. Drawing Book – A Tkinter application
  1. Java-Programs  (All self solved Java Assignments during 5th sem in B.Tech)
  1. C-programs (All self solved C Assignments during 3rd & 4th sem in B.Tech)
  1. VHLD-Programming  (All self solved VHDL Assignments during  4th sem in B.Tech)